Perth Face Painting Jam

2017 was an amazing year for me professionally. I was still so inspired by the face painting convention in Melbourne that year I just didn’t want it to end. I loved the support and community I have experienced during those 4 days of creating with other artists. Back in Perth, I was still inspired but I felt something was missing.

I couldn’t imagine waiting another year to see all my friends back in Melbourne again so I made it my mission to share my passion with other Artists in my area and open up an opportunity for catch-ups.


In December 2017 “Perth Face Painting Jams” was born – A platform which provides face and body artist space to meet up every month. During these sessions, we will try out new designs, learn from another and share our passion for face and body art.


In May 2018 we decided to take it to the next level and created a model base. Before that each artist modelled for another artist and then we would swap the roles but it was very time consuming and some artist would end up without the possibility of painting.

Now we are opening up positions for models to get face painted, create pictures for their portfolio and just having fun together.

What People Say 


“The Perth Face Painting Jams are a group of like-minded creative people hanging out together, having a good time and sharing our knowledge.”


“I love sharing and discussions with peers. I enjoy learning new things from each other and teaching what I know, It is fun to go deep into our craft and find new ways to express.” 


“Sure everything is available on YouTube and google but I have found community and support within the group which I am very grateful for the bonus of real interaction too is we get to try out each others paint for new colours, try different brushes before buying them, compare setups, share techniques and have loads of fun in the process.”

Like to join us?


Are you an artist that likes to join our face painting jams?

Do you live in Perth, Western Australia and are able to join us for our catch-ups in Perth CBD?
Would like to expand your portfolio and create some stunning pictures while having fun?






*Please be aware we only accept Artists who are based in Perth Area, Western Australia.


Would you like to join us as a face painting model?
You are open-minded for face painting designs that your Artist of the night picked?
Do you like to pose in front of the camera?
Create photos for you to use in your portfolio?


*Please contact me if you would like to join the group. It would be great if you could please tell us a bit more about yourself and why you would be the perfect face painting model.


Would you like to join us as a photographer?

You are creative and like to try out new techniques?
Create photos for you to use in your portfolio?

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