Meet Tina aka Lilly

Hi there! 



My passion is to create emotions for and within the people around me with the help of my paints and brushes.


I am passionate about sharing the art of transformation that everyone can experience. The moment someone I just painted, seeing themselves for the first time in the mirror and their eyes light up ...


The Story


Here is one of my “expressive” creations.  I loved creating and transforming from a very young age. If you would ask my mother she would agree that I would love to create a mess!. Yes, this is true. A lot of mess – but how beautiful somehow. This would be the moment when I would totally let myself go and just live life. 

I actually lost touch with this side of me for many years. I studied and went the conventional pathway that family & society expects you to go. I became a professional youth and child care worker in Germany but there was always something missing. One of the reasons I got a one-way ticket to Australia. The furthest place I could possibly go, to reconnect with my true mission and to find my passion.

My first facepainting experience


I was working as an au-pair in Western Australia back in 2015. We went out with the Family to the Hospital where my Au-pair mum was working at the time. That day, the hospital celebrated the opening of the facility.


Ashton (one of the little boys that I was looking after) and I noticed a gazebo with a massive line queueing for face painting.

Ashton was excited and so was I. It was like magic happening right in front of our eyes. With just one quick brush movement she managed to create the shape of the horse head.

(face paint by Raelene Simpson)

Just a few lines here and there and I was looking at a finished horse painting on his arm.

I was mesmerized!.

Finally, it was my turn!. 


I will never forget the day of my first real face painting. 

Lilly is on a busking mission


I started of as a street performer at the Fremantle markets and later on at the Ingelwood Night Markets for a donation.


This would be one of the things I would recomend every newbie to do. Get yourself out there and gain experience, experiment and have fun.


You will grow rapidly fast! I promise. This is still one of my favourite things to do to try out new design ideas.

How did you get into Face Painting?


In 2015 I lost my FIFO cleaning job due to the closure of our camp. This was one of the difficult periods at the time. I applied for every job possible but received only rejection after rejection. I doubted myself. At some point, I came to the realization that there is only so much I can do. I still had to keep my head above water and so I came up with the plan to finally use this little bit of time (which I now had plenty of) to learn something new. Something I always wanted to try. This was the moment when I remembered the face painting I got from Raelene Simpson. I wanted to learn to create magic with a brushstroke! I was on a mission.

How did you get into Body Painting?


I still remember the 2017 Australian Body Art Awards convention. It was the very first time for me joining any face painting convention and it was a life-changing experience. Connecting with people that share the same passion had such a powerful impact on me and everything seemed possible. Maria, the organizer of this convention created the possibility for me to join the last day of the convention, which was the body painting competition event as a helping hand. I was around all those incredible artists that night and I had the opportunity to watch and help wherever I could during the process to the final presentation.


I couldn’t believe how much work every single artist puts into their projects for the body painting competition.
The headpieces, props, the skill level and variety of technique each artist showcases at this special event was just an incredible transformation to witness. This night transformed my point of view. I would have never thought of getting involved in body painting at any stage in my career.  Another face painter at the convention actually asks me that year if I am going to give body painting a go at some stage. “You will never see me body painting”,  I said.  I was way too shy to even consider this thought. But well, things changed pretty quickly for me. The game-changer was a body painting piece at the night which was created by Nurit Pilchin & Sarah Asker This body painting was just mesmerizing and I knew for sure I was hooked.  Just a couple of weeks later I would take my first body painting workshop and a bit after this I would work on my very first body painting project.

On my way back home to Perth, I booked straight the next class with Miguel for a body painting workshop in Sydney just a couple of days later. I knew I had to do it even if I was about to rip a big hole in my bank account for it. I knew it was worth it to follow my passion. (During this workshop I still was too shy to even try to paint the model.)

My Mission

At the moment I focus mainly on expanding my portfolio in fine art as well as face and body painting.

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