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Artist Profile

Hi there!

My name is Tina Klare, and I am a Perth based artist from Germany. I create using various mediums such as watercolour, coloured pencil, pastel and face/body paints.


However, working with soft pastel and face painting has gained an extraordinary place in my heart.

Messy, but beautiful

I loved creating and transforming from a very young age.


My mother would argue that I loved to make a mess! Yes, this is true. Messy, but beautiful somehow!


I lost touch with this side of mine for many years. I followed the conventional blueprints that my family and society expected. I became a professional youth and childcare worker, but there was always something missing. 

This was one of the reasons that I bought a one-way ticket to Australia, the furthest place I could go, to reconnect with my real mission and find my passion.


Face Painting

In 2013, I visited an event where they offered free face painting. It was like magic happening right in front of my eyes. With just one quick brush movement, I was looking at a finished painting. 

I was mesmerized! Finally, it was my turn! I will never forget my very first face painting. This was the start of my very own journey in art. 


From that moment, everything just started snowballing.

I picked up face painting. After some successful years as a face and body painter, I wanted to try out different mediums.

Working on Mine Site

While working on mine site as a haul truck operator, I still tried to practise during my breaks. I would bring any sort of art materials that I could carry in my small case with me.


Pastel Painting

What I love about pastels is that they are very forgiving. You can save a painting from almost any little mistake.


My main obsession nowadays is to capture an animal’s soul and likeness with pastels. 

As an artist, I aim to create artwork that will leave a lasting emotional impression on my audience

Hard work ...

I genuinely believe that only hard work will get you to where you want to be. If you put your mind and the hours on it, you can be anywhere and anyone.


I hope that the story I shared might inspire you.


I am currently sharing my passion for creating pet pastel portraits in my upcoming workshop.

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